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Posted on: August 24, 2009

currently on my to do list:

  • whore myself out any way i can to increase traffic to
  • prepare for honors seminar, which involves getting someone, somewhere to meet with me and tell me wtf i’m supposed to be doing (e.g. what is an honors seminar??)
  • get online form up & running for cheap & easy chicks
  • figure out how to make money as a consultant…volunteering? networking? prostituting?
  • work on the needham town hall website (and by “work,” i mean get mark to work on)
  • update calendars for massasoit classes
  • finish curriculum for ESL courses
  • figure out what’s going on with my computer course (can anyone give me a briefing on the differences between Word vs. 2007 and whatever came before that…?)
  • read crap, i mean interesting material, for first staff meeting
  • teach encourage henri to use the potty
  • run away to vermont
  • figure out how to get a book contract
  • start a clock-making business
  • find more projects to do around home (this will avoid a potential “to do” we call: Move to a New Apartment because I’m Bored)
  • mop the kitchen floor, assuming it’s still there under all that goop and grime
  • make a baby
  • finish short story
  • fill out car insurance paperwork, etc.
  • submit essay to Sun Magazine

suddenly…i became very busy…where did the summer go?


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