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so far, so NOT good…

Posted on: July 15, 2008

so, my first day of “not working full time” didn’t go exactly as planned… i spent most of the morning lost in the hills of milton. i had no idea milton was that big… and i’m very mad at google maps for Screwing Me Royally in their directions. as i was leaving, i noticed a MUCH quicker way to get back to the highway (one turn instead of 500) and i still wonder why google maps didn’t just bring me in that way. i can only assume it’s because i would’ve had to stay on I-95 a little longer (2 exits further down) but TRUST ME, i really don’t mind, if it means avoiding driving in the country for 30-45 minutes, where street signs have been replaced by forestry. while it was good to see more of milton and confirm my desire to live there one day, i ended up being like 15 minutes late for my first “consulting” appointment. OOPS.

after leaving there, i drove straight to my next destination in quincy. i had plenty of time, so i decided to wonder towards braintree, where i thought there might be shops or a store or kiosk or SOMETHING where i could buy clothes since i was so late leaving for my prior appointment (which was casual) that i didn’t think to wear something appropriate for my 2nd appointment (which was an interview). ANYWAY, i also thought they might have a GAS STATION in braintree…but i ran out of gas before finding one. luckily (?), it turns out i was only about 5 blocks from a station where they sold me a $4 gas can and $6 worth of gas that i then sloshed all over myself on the way back. so, with my car barely full enough to now make it to the appointment i was early for, i hurried to my interview (inappropriately dressed, unshowered and now sweating profusely and smelling like gas). i did actually stop at dunkin donuts on the way to “clean up,” but they were out of soap. Nice.

amazingly, both appointments turned out fine. and i made it home in one piece, after getting more gas, of course. at which point, i showered.


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